Efficient, automatic document transcription for merchant cash advance.

The Unscan Advantage


Get rid of payroll, benefits, and office space for scrubbers: the costs, headaches, and uncertainties.


Start measuring transcription time in seconds instead of minutes. Approve deals faster than competitors.


Humans make mistakes; computers don’t. With in-built constraint checks, we give you data you can trust.


Two factor authentication, EV SSL, and military grade AES on all stored data: security is our top priority.

Unscan makes you and your team more efficient and effective. Once you use this must-have software, it will be impossible to go back to transcribing by hand.

How It Works

Cutting Edge Normalization Suite

Constraining the form and content of documents enables novel techniques to significantly outperform previous normalization methods. For instance, using feature matching with one of a few possible headers allows for the correction of perspective distortion. Similarly, knowing font weight helps pick parameters for a stroke width transform.

Smart Extraction and Tagging

The document’s structure is inferred and the document segmented. Each segment has meaning, and the segments and meanings together form a bank statement or MCA application data structure. There’s no room for error here, so we use decision tree approaches instead of machine learning. Constraints are also enforced for reliability.

Tarsius: Internal OCR Engine

On a dataset of text from MCA documents, our internal OCR engine outperforms ABBYY FineReader, Tesseract, and OmniPage. The core design decisions behind these OCR engines were made in the 1980s. Modern leaps in computer vision and deep learning call for a complete reevaluation of these core design decisions; hence Tarsius.

Speedy Quality Assurance

Document data failing our constraints can mean one of two things: our system made a mistake or you might be dealing with a fraudulent MCA application. In a case like this, a human needs to make the call, and fast. You will be alerted if a bank statement contains numbers which don’t add up, or even if an applicant’s address isn’t in the USPS database.

Custom Integration

Do you have a CRM in place to manage your deal flow? Do your deals come in by email every morning? We can integrate our service into your technology stack, so that all your deals get automatically transcribed as they come in and put into your CRM without requiring any human intervention. You won’t need to allocate your engineering bandwidth to integration.

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